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WELCOM’ASSISTANCE : Personalised assistance

Our skills dedicated to the success of your European projects

EU funding Consultancy or an idea of project, and would like to have it financed by European funding?

You have already begun preparing your application and wish to optimise your chances of succeeding?

You have to ensure a good quality implementation
of the actions and their good
management ?

You have to finalise your intermediary or final reports?

Our team can assist you at all these steps,and help you increase your chances of success, optimise the final funding amount, anticipate management problems, put efficient management tools in place...

In practical terms, Welcomeurope
assists you through every key stage

Elaborating your project

Formalising your application

Implementing your project

To describe your project now
and to receive an answer from our team within 48h
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Are you interested in our Welcom'Assistance service?

Contact us to consider
which of our 4 assistance offers is best suited to your needs
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Review of Opportunities

Send us a description of your project by email (via the Welcomeurope form) and within a fortnight you will receive a review of opportunities. A final telephone conversation will enable you to ask any other questions concerning the funding programmes identified by Welcomeurope.

Phone Meeting

You may contact us to discuss any issue that has arisen during the implementation or development of your project and fix a date and time for a telephone meeting with a Welcomeurope consultant. Within 15 working days, you will have the benefit of a work meeting with Welcomeurope which lasts in average between 75 and 105 minutes.

Work meeting - web meeting

Should you like meeting your contact person without having to travel, then we can organise a web meeting to discuss your issues, and thus maximise the interactivity between your team and the Welcomeurope consultant.

On-site work meeting

Welcomeurope's team is available to travel throughout Europe in order to participate in your work meetings on projects and funding. Our team frequently holds internal meetings or project partners meetings,

Are you interested in our Welcom'Assistance service?

Contact us to consider
which of our 4 assistance offers is best suited to your needs
By e-mail
Telephone + 33 (0)1 42 54 60 64
or click here

Any question?
+33 1 42 54 60 64

Marine Rossi at

33 (0)1 42 54 60 64


  • The Civilitas Foundation
    Very useful training, The trainer was very skilled professional. Thanks!
    A. Darbinyan - Programs Development Director
  • Airbus Opérations S.A.S
    Extensive training with a very competent trainer in the field.
    S.Pereira - Intercultural Programs Director
  • International Council of Sport
    I highly appreciate to participate at the course because I have learnt a lot ! I would recommend this course to all who are not knowing to handle an EC application.
    Constance Zinkler - Member of International Council of Sport Science
  • Tacso Albania:I very much enjoyed this training. It helped me to consolidate my knowledge and also provided me some fine details, that I wasn't able to get from self-deduction.
    Pasko Genci - Resident Advisor
  • University of Aberdeen
    I founded the training suited all my rquirements for my forthcoming financial management of an EU project. The trainer was very well experienced and took time to answer and explain all my questions.
    Shona Christie - Business Manager

EU Experts

Photo - Director - Sector
Innovation and Research Lorraine de Bouchony

Welcomeurope trainings

  • 18 years of expertise in dealing with project leaders' concerns and grants issues
  • 7 800 people trained, from more than 80 countries (Europe and worldwide), who have deepened their skills through the 14 modules offered
  • More than 50 training sessions per year carried out throughout Europe by specialists of European projects
  • Comprehensive training courses made by European Funding experts
  • Programmes Tailor-made and solutions customised for your training needs, in English, French, Polish or Dutch
  • An interactive platform open to participants after each session

Agenda of training sessions

Training Catalogue

Visuel catalogue formation

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