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1) Your unlimited access to

This unique service allow you to find your own granting schemes among 450 available European subsidies

Welcomeurope is a unique and exclusive service. Each webpage offers the synthesis of a grant in an exhaustive and easy-to-use format, resulting from the analysis of more than 50 European Commission documentation pages and direct contacts with the programme officer.

Gain time and stay focus on essential matters of your project and application

A search engine – new generation - makes your search efficient, you get the right information in a flash

I represent an association located in France, and I work in the field of Aid Development

138 open subsidies

I represent a company and I develop Environmental projects in Europe

78 open subsidies

Our search engine works for any type of project, of beneficiary organisation, of areas…

2) Your personnalised online assistance

You have a question on a specific subsidy, our experts answer it concretly within 48 hours (unlimited numbers of questions)

3) Your personnalised email alerts

Once a week, you are informed by email of all updates and new opportunities, only for the grants that make sense for you.

You precise your own profile once and you will receive only what interest you.

You will understand why 140 000 European projects leaders use it daily

This service makes you win times on information research and analysis +
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