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Welcomeurope, Consultancy services on European affairs and EU Funds

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Do you need funding? Are you planning to build up projects with local or European partners? To interact with the EU institutions and be involved in public debates?

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leading a project?

Our services

  • Building applications and getting grants

    We assess the relevance of your projects and identify the most appropriate funding programmes. We assist you in formalising the project, the application, the budget and to negotiate partnerships.

  • Managing funded projects and optimizing the instalments

    We set up your project manager's performance indicators. We train and guide your team and your partners to fulfill the reporting requirements.We propose solutions to any problems encountered and if need be, assist with negotiations in order to obtain the best final funding deal.

  • Communicating and dealing with key people in Europe

    We design your lobbying approach and help you obtain institutional support and relevant partnerships. We organise project communication (a contractual obligation), set up and run your project websites. We help you organise your promotional events and we can take part in them if relevant.

  • Enhancing your funding strategy and position

    Benchmarks, studies, competitors review, funding annual road map... Welcomeurope analyses for your organisation any relevant scheme to enhance your funding and position at EU level. Welcomeurope will draw up recommendations and will guide you to reach the defined objectives.



Eurolab All available funding opportunities for your project.
Programming identification and strategic advice: mapping, eligibility analysis, procedures. We pave the way for you.

Are you...
managing European funds?

Our services

  • Assessing programmes

    We identify territorial projects and their results in the light of European Funding policy for 2014-2020 and adjust them accordingly. We assess and diagnose your methods and programmes.

  • Providing information on programmes

    We draw up ERDF and ESF regional communication plans. We provide support to owners in dealing with contractors and with your communication plans. We assess your actions concerning structural funds and provide recommendations and tools for the managing authorities.

  • Organising and managing resources assigned to programmes

    We facilitate partnerships between the State and beneficiaries of global subsidies for European programmes. We advise you on how to increase the capacities of your programme management and facilitation teams.


Going further plus

In-house trainings

Tailored training sessions This training designed for your organisation is held on the date and the city of your choice.

We make an appointment with your customer service officer to create a training corresponding to your needs and goals as well as your projects and your internal culture!

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