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Collaborative projects: How to set up and formalise a European Partnership?

Why this training?

For mastering the specific tools and the proper methodology necessary to a sound management of the partnership; because lead partner and partners have to understand the legal components of a partnership / consortium agreement.


Master the principles and practices to identify your partners

Topics included:

In-depth knowledge:
- To discover all the existing relevant resources to find partners
- To establish from the start a coherent structure for the partnership
- To share the contractual obligations with all the partners
- To understand the stake and the essential clauses to establish an agreement between the partners.
- To know how to cope with the weakness of a partner

Practical methodology for:
- Identifying the different stakeholders (coordinator, partners, committees)
- Establishing the principles and good practices of identification, organisation and leadership in a European partnership

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  • The Civilitas Foundation
    Very useful training, The trainer was very skilled professional. Thanks!
    A. Darbinyan - Programs Development Director
  • Airbus Opérations S.A.S
    Extensive training with a very competent trainer in the field.
    S.Pereira - Intercultural Programs Director
  • International Council of Sport
    I highly appreciate to participate at the course because I have learnt a lot ! I would recommend this course to all who are not knowing to handle an EC application.
    Constance Zinkler - Member of International Council of Sport Science
  • Tacso Albania:I very much enjoyed this training. It helped me to consolidate my knowledge and also provided me some fine details, that I wasn't able to get from self-deduction.
    Pasko Genci - Resident Advisor
  • University of Aberdeen
    I founded the training suited all my rquirements for my forthcoming financial management of an EU project. The trainer was very well experienced and took time to answer and explain all my questions.
    Shona Christie - Business Manager

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