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HORIZON 2020 Management & Reporting: Administrative and financial management of HORIZON 2020 contracts

Understand how Horizon 2020 projects management works and the new programme 2014-2020.

Who should attend?

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For all research projects leaders, persons in charge of research projects management, from public, private and non-profit sectors (universities, research centres, public authorities, enterprises including SMEs, associations active in the field, etc.)


In-depth knowledge:
- To plan your project and workplan - To present your project taking into account evaluation criteria and system
- To understand the stakes of the evaluation procedure
- To follow adequate rules for consortium management
- To establish administrative and financial reports following the rules
- To gain new individual competences and transfer them within your organisation
- To be prepared for audits and controls

Practical methodology for
- Organising the project
- Managing the negotiation and the contractual link with the Commission
- Understanding the evaluation system
- Understanding the financial frameworks (instalments, guarantee fund)
- Establishing appropriate rules for the consortium
- Establishing financial and administrative reports that meet the expectations
2015 springtime operation

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