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Loans, guarantees and funds for private companies in ACP countries. This European funding is granted to support short and long-term development of private sector in ACP countries or public sector projects if they are operated on a private sector footing.

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This fund is a framework programme, organised in different strands (sub-programmes)

?A framework programme is an umbrella structure intended to serve various funding schemes (strands / sub-programmes). Each strand includes specific themes and funding rules.

You will find here the outline of EU subsidies synthetised in an easy-to-read format. This section answers all your critical questions on EU grants (How much can I get? Does my project match with this grant? When must I submit my application? …)


Loans, guarantees and funds for private companies in ACP countries

Does my project meet the priority requirements of this fund?

The Cotonou Agreement mandates the EIB to provide reimbursable aid to projects, alongside grant aid from the European Commission under the national aid programmes. The Bank may provide loans, equity and quasi-capital assistance. It will also be able to provide guarantees in support of domestic and ...

Find here more information on sub-programmes or actions of framework programme

Calls for projects / Calls for proposals

Find here the calls for proposals; a call is open when project leaders can submit their applications. A call for proposals is closed when the period of submission is over. Welcomeurope indicated the predicted date or period for the upccoming calls for proposals. This option enables you to anticipate the drafting of this application file.

Open calls

Next planned calls

Closed calls

Contact - Funds Manager

Find here more information on official contact points and get the contact details of the programme officer. This will be useful to get further information on open calls for proposals.



  • 21 March 2012
    EIB provides € 300 million for urban renovation in Greater Lyon
    The financing support of € 300 million that links the Greater Lyon to the European Investment Bank will allow the development of sustainable means of transportation and the implementation of several urban projects.

  • 22 November 2011
    ACP-EU Assembly
    Despite economic difficulties, efforts must continue to help the ACP countries according to the co-chair of the Assembly Louis Michel

  • 18 November 2011
    ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly
    The next ACP-EU meeting held from November 19 to 23 in Togo, will deal with the Arab Spring and debt for development

  • 06 October 2011
    The EU is concerned about food issues in Africa
    Given the urgency of the situation in Africa, development aid the EU must adapt and evolve. Discover the contents of the public hearing held by the committee of development.

  • 20 May 2011
    ACP-EU MPs back ongoing democratic power-shifts in Africa and the Middle East
    MEPs and their counterparts from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific called for impartial justice to underpin reconciliation in the Côte d'Ivoire, and backed the right of citizens to demand political change wherever power is withheld from the people, at the 21st ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary ...

  • 12 April 2011
    Ivory Coast - EP's Buzek on reported arrest of Gbagbo
    Reacting to reports of the arrest of defeated Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo Monday afternoon, EP President Jerzy Buzek said the crisis could have been avoided if Mr Gbagbo had accepted the democratic will of the people. He called on incoming President Alassane Ouattara to foster national r...

  • 01 March 2011
    The Commission wants to support culture and in particular cinema sector ACP countries
    To coincide with the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO), the European Commission is launching the EU-ACP support programme for the ACP cultural sector totalling €30 million

  • 09 December 2010
    Debate on traffic of minerals and their consequences in DRC on the occasion of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly
    Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has many valuable minerals like gold, cobalt and coltan. However, their traffic plunges the country into a situation of conflict and violation of human rights. MEPs have discussed with their Congolese counterparts on the occasion of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentar...

  • 25 November 2010
    3rd Africa-EU Summit: towards a more ambitious cooperation
    The European Council President Herman van Rompuy, José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, Andris Piebalgs, Commissioner for Development, attended by 29 and 30 novembrel the EU-Africa summit in Tripoli, Libya. Eighty heads of state and government from Europe and Africa will meet...

  • 10 November 2010
    Commission proposals for the Europe-Africa Summit
    On November, 29th and 30th, will be held the Africa-Europe Summit in Libya in order to consolidate relations between the two continents. The eradication of poverty, peace and security, democracy and human rights, global governance and climate change are challenges that must be addressed together,...


  • Build your project with reference to good documents :

    A project funded by the European Union is a project that meets the objectives and priorities of the European Union.To increase your chances of getting subsidies, it is recommended to start his project with reference to objectives and priorities defined by the European Union and thus to consult th...

  • Horizon 2020 : Understanding the architecture of the programme :

    The EU Research and Innovation Programme is divided into 3 pillars, which are complemented by four transversal programmes.

  • How to access the Structural funds ? :

    European Structural Funds, known by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Development Fund (ERDF), differ from other European funds and help to fund local development projects. Sophie Le Grand, expert in European structural funds at Welcomeurope, gives us more information on these funds.

  • How to increase your chances for eligibility? :

    To make sure that your project will retain the attention of the European Commission, it is crucial to highlight its innovative character, its European dimension and its impact on the long term, while setting it within the context of the EU policy objectives.

  • The contribution of financial partners in the budget of the project :

    The role of financial partners is essential for the implementation of your project. Although nearly inactive they secure both the smooth progress of the project and the financial situation of your enterprise.

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