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European project for satellite navigation

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European project for satellite navigation

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The GALILEO programme aims at putting into place a worldwide satellite radionavigation and positioning infrastructure specifically for civil purposes. It has a technological, political and economic dimension. Galileo is funded through different specific programmes: Transeuropean Networks, FP7 for ...

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News related to GALILEO

  • 05 September 2013
    Galileo: confirmation of the availability of the first services in the coming months
    After discussions about the deployment of the Galileo satellite navigation infrastructure and delivery of the positioning service, the Director General of the European Space Agency confirmed the availability of the first services by the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. The Galileo...

  • 24 January 2013
    Galileo is interested in Outer Space
    European satellite radio-navigation programme, Galileo, allocated its Search and Rescue (SAR) system for spac.The latter acquires operational capacity to detect distress signals through the satellite beacons that send the location data to search andrescue t...

  • 20 December 2012
    Transport, Telecommunications & Energy Council
    During the last session of the Meeting of Ministers held in October, the discussions were initiated with the Council working group in order to find a solution related to the general guidance on the update proposed for common rules concerning technical and periodic control of the Motor vehicle 

  • 03 May 2012
    The EU confirms the second launch of two satellites within the framework of the Galileo programme
    28th September 2012 is when Galileo's second launch of 2 satellites will take place. This will complete the creation of a four satellites mini-constellation which will help testing the functioning of the Galileo infrastructure.

  • 02 February 2012
    Galileo will be on time !
    Three new contracts were signed today in London, ensuring the inauguration of the system in 2014.

  • 02 September 2011
    Galileo satellites will be named after European children
    Each satellite of the Galileo programme will be named after the child with the best drawing related to space or aeronautics in each Member State.

  • 07 April 2011
    Once in a lifetime chance for children to give a Galileo satellite their name
    The European Commission is launching a drawing competition aimed at raising the interest of children for space. The child with the best drawing in each Member State will have his or her name given to a satellite of the Galileo programme.

  • 14 January 2011
    Galileo: the upcoming launch of the European project for satellite navigation is secured
    On January 12th, 2006, GIOVE-A broadcast Europe's first ever navigation signal from space. As the signal is still going strong five years later, Europe's access to the allocated Galileo frequencies is thus guaranteed. GIOVE-A has shown the way for launching European project for satellit...

  • 22 September 2010
    Galileo: Norway will host two ground stations
    Norway will host two land stations for Galileo satellite navigation system for Europe which will provide to citizens in Europe and world signals more accurate and widely available. A cooperation agreement has been signed Wednesday, September 22, 2010. Norwegian industries can thus provide some mo...

  • 17 February 2010
    Galileo, operational in 2014
    Galileo, the EU’s strategic global navigation satellite system (GNSS)will make it a valuable tool for nearly all economic sectors as well as for European citizens. They will be able to enjoy more accurate positioning technologies and greater safety in the air, on land and at sea.



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