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Closed call(s)
Publication date: Nov 13, 2013
Closing date:Jan 27, 2014
Twinning is an instrument for targeted administrative co-operation to assist the pro tempore Candidate Countries to strengthen their administrative and judicial capacity to implement EU legislation as future Member States of the European Union.

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Nov 12, 2013
Closing date:Jan 21, 2014
Twinning projects bring together public sector expertise from EU Member States and beneficiary countries with the aim of enhancing co-operative activities

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Nov 7, 2013
Closing date:Feb 5, 2014
The European Development Fund (EDF) is the main instrument for Community aid for development cooperation in the ACP countries and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT).

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Nov 7, 2013
Closing date:Dec 23, 2013
The project titled “Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey-III” has been developed in the 2010 Programming under IPA and aims to establish a framework for cooperation, supporting the establishment of partnerships, and promoting dialogue between the civil societies of Turkish and EU counterparts on Political Criteria and Media Grant Schemes

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Nov 5, 2013
Closing date:Feb 3, 2014
The RDI Programme aims to support the Egyptian government's efforts to enhance research, development and innovation performance facilitating Egypt's move towards a knowledge-based economy.

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Oct 29, 2013
Closing date:Apr 29, 2014
IMI JU (Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking) is a unique pan-European public private partnership between the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations -EFPIA - has launched its 10th Call for proposals under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Oct 25, 2013
Closing date:Dec 19, 2013
The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance offers assistance to countries engaged in the accession process to the European Union. It supports the stabilisation and association process of candidate countries and potential candidate countries while respecting their specific features.

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Oct 24, 2013
Closing date:Dec 9, 2013
NSA-LA is a thematic programme for external aid and development that supports capacity building and participatory actions in developing countries and regions.

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Oct 24, 2013
Closing date:Jan 20, 2014
The European Charlemagne Youth Prize aims to encourage the development of European consciousness among young people, as well as their participation in European integration projects

Closed call(s)
Publication date: Oct 24, 2013
Closing date:Dec 11, 2013
The Competition, launched in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, invites Europeans to come up with new solutions to reduce unemployment and minimize its corrosive effects on the economy and our society both now and in the future.

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