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Training HORIZON 2020 - MSCA: How to successfully apply for Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowships?

Apply successfully to Marie Curie fellowships

Content of the training

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Practical information

In-house training available on this topic
Training duration: 1 day


Who should attend?

Young researchers and confirmed researchers, project builders.

Why this training?

Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions aim to promote the career of researchers from public and private spheres at all stage of their career. This mobility programme is dedicated to experienced or post doc-researchers, project engineers and non-academic actors (SMEs and industries), with research projects or international career plans...

Welcomeurope offers a practical training focused on the application rules to the following actions: IF, ITN, RISE, COFUND. Built from evaluators’ recommandations, the training includes a work session on the application form that will help you to introduce a project in full compliance with the evaluation criteria.


  • Providing you solid information on the spirit and principles of Marie S. Curie Actions
  • Bringing you a perfect understanding of the application rules and the evaluators expectations
  • With practical exercises, work on the success criteria of an application


One day to understand the Marie Curie actions, how to structure your application form and how to draft the proposal.

Case studies and practical exercices will enable you to optimise your understanding of the application stakes.


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