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List of interviews on European grants a French branch of an European net


Jean-Christophe Boulanger, Director

1/ As a director, could you describe actions? is an online media, completely free and specialised on European policies. In France and ten other countries in Europe, teams of journalists follow the progress of European legislations. In France, the search for information begins with French positioning on European legislation project (State, enterpris...

Why participate to a European Project? The example of Accor Services


Nathalie Renaudin, Delegate for European Affairs, Institutional Relations Directorate, ACCOR Services

Under what framework is this community action programme integrated? May you explain to us the involvement of Accor Services in this project?

Under its community action programme in the field of Health and Consumer Protection, the European Commission (DG SANCO – Health and Consumer Protection) has launched a call for proposals about the fight against obesity and inequalities in...

The European Policies: point of view of the CEPS


Marco INCERTI, Head of Communication and Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies CEPS

Could you please present your organisation and your particularity as a think tank?

CEPS is one of the longest-established European think tanks. It is celebrating this year its 25th Anniversary, and at the beginning of 2008 it was ranked as one of the top ten global think tanks by an independent American survey conducted by Prof. Jim McGann, of the University of Pennsylvania. ...

The benefit of the Funding opportunity review : the Rohm & Haas example


Anne Dufermont, Director Government & Industry Affairs, Rohm & Haas

For what reasons Rohm & Haas is interested by European funding programmes?

Rohm and Haas Company is a group specialised in chemical industry, established at an international scale. Notably specialised in industrial processes and in chemistry for food and food-related, packaging and water, Rohm & Haas is an actor involved in research and innovation in those chemical industry fiel...

The European initiatives for innovative SMEs


Amaury Nève de Mévergnies, Policy Officer within the SME Unit of the Directorate-General for Research, European Commission

1/ What is the role played by FP7 in the promotion of research? How does it support in particular R&D in SMEs?

The Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technical Development (FP7), runs on a 7 year period from 2007 to 2013. With a global budget of more than 50 billion euro, this is the main instrument of the European Union to finance research and development activitie...

How to optimize an application for a grant? The example of an assistance by Welcomeurope


Interview Philippe Duban Turbulences ! Association Artistic Director

You manage the Turbulences ! Association. Could you tell us on which objectives does it rely on and what are your action fields?

The Turbulences ! Association that I manage was created in 1992 and its president is Howard Buten. It is a theatrical troupe that gathers artists and communication disorders professionals. They all work on a better insertion of young adults and te...

Which issue retained for the 2010 European Year ?


Anne DEGRAND GUILLAUD, DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Head of Unit – Coordinator of European Year 2010 for combating poverty and social exclusion

Could you please present what are the missions of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal opportunities? What are your fields of action?

The DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission fulfils three main missions that are simultaneously political, legislative and financial. It is in charge, among others, of the employment, social in...

Young Entrepreneurs: make advantage of Erasmus opportunities!


Typhaine BEAUPERIN - HOLVOET, Policy Advisor, EU Affairs Erasmus, Entrepreneurs Assistance office

1/ You are in charge of the « Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs » pilot project. Could you please explain what the objectives of this initiative are, and how it works?

Europe is not fully exploiting its entrepreneurial potential and needs to encourage more people to become entrepreneurs. 51% of young Europeans would be interested to follow an entrepreneurial route, but too few of...

Optimize your application to the European Social Fund (ESF)!


Valérie Buisine, Consultant Welcomeurope, European Social Fund specialist

The European Social Fund, created in 1957, is the European Union’s main financial instrument for investing in people. It supports employment and helps people enhance their education and skills. This improves their job prospects. Member States and regions devise their own ESF Operational Programmes in order to respond to the real needs ‘on the ground’.

The ERDF in the Agglomération Pôle Azur Provence


Ms Maud Boissac, Charged for the Agglomération Pôle Azur Provence

1/You are in charge of cultural affairs in the Agglomération Pôle Azur Provence, could you please explain us what are your goals and how are your activities characterised by a European dimension?

The Agglomération Pôle Azur Provence is a strategic and important place for the Alpes-Maritimes French department. Grasse, the main town, is internationally recognized as the world...


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