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List of interviews on European grants

Imooty, a new look at European News


Mr. Blaise Bourgeois, Co-creator of Imooty website

1. Can you describe your website\'s spirit? is a platform dedicated to all European news. Users can read news from the main European newspapers, search and set up their pan-European press review.
A new version offering an important number of sources, such as news of universities, newspapers, businesses, blogs and the major European institutions, will be...

Preparing with Welcomeurope an initiative in a pre-accession country


Mr Henri Guillaume Project leader for Lux-Development

1/Could you explain Lux-Development activities and your function within this agency?

Lux-Development is the Luxembourg agency for cooperation and development. It’s a limited company having as major shareholder the Luxembourg State (98%) which manages almost the total resources affected by the public aid government. The Agency operates in several countries in Europe (Balkans...

Notre Europe, The European Parliament elections


Maria Pallares,

1/ Could you present us the work of your think tank Notre Europe?

Founded in 1996 by Jacques Delors, Notre Europe is an independent laboratory for analysis and policy proposal devoted to \\

Training in service for the project leaders


Mister Pierre Poussard, Twinning project officer for the Public Interest Group ADECIA

1.Can you describe the Public Interest Group ADECIA? You are in charge of engineering twinning projects within the organization, what is your role exactly?

The Public Interest Group Agency for the development of international cooperation in the fields of agriculture, food and rural areas \"(ADECIA) was established in 2007 in order to strengthen the synergies between all th...



Mr Fantxoa HASTARAN, AFMR Etcharry, Project leader

1/ Project leader at AFMR Etcharry Training and Development, you’re dealing with skills development. What are the goals of AFMR?

AFMR Etcharry Training and Development is a centre for skills development which intervenes in the monitoring and support of project building. Since 45 years, our organisation has three missions: training, counselling and job seeking support.

EU funds: key tools for development


Mister Adam Sek, Regional Adviser on Energy Sustainable, Energy Division

1.Could you please explain what kind of organization UNECE is?
What are the objectives and the main activities of UNECE?

UNECE is one of the five regional commissions of the United Nations. It was set up in 1947 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to develop economic activity and strengthen economic relations within the UNECE region and between t...



Mr Gilles GASNIER, CENS Nantes, Education Director

1/ Director of the “Centre Educatif Nantais pour Sportifs”, you are working in the field of youth and sport. What are the main objectives of you’re association?

The Center is the structure most adapted to training of young athletes; it is a private institute, managed by a non profit organization. Created in 1986 its mission is to prepare intellectually and humanely the youn...

Funds for Agribusiness and Biotechnology


Mr Eric Dufour, Ministry of food, agriculture and fishing, Expert to the Research and Education DG

1/ Mr Dufour, you work for the Ministry of food, agriculture and fishing, what is your function?
I have been a university professor on Food sciences for 11 years and I have a practical experience concerning European research projects financed by the Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP5, FP6 and FP7) within the agribusiness and biotechnologies sector. Since 6 mont...

DODS: communication tool for project leaders


Interview of Mister Obe Seddig, Head of Business Development DODS

1- Could you please present your structure, your position among the UK and the whole European Union as well as the main policies you focus on?

In the UK the company has earned this position after a long and successful history built upon providing contact and biographical information about and to the Houses of Parliament and the Civil Service since 1832. Renowne...

The twinning, an enlargement tool


Ivo SCHUTTE, twinning project manager, Twinning Unity - DG Enlargement

11 / What happens during a typical institutional twinning project between a member country of the EU and a Candidate country? Who are the actors involved?

Twinning is an initiative launched by the European Commission in 1998 in the context of the preparation for enlargement of the European Union. It is an instrument for targeted administrative cooperation in order to help Can...


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