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List of interviews on European grants

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M. Vellande Henri, Public service of Wallonia

1/Can you introduce your job? What kind of European funds are you more familiar with?

My activity is linked to Interreg and Leader programmes. In both cases, we release national counterparts for Walloon operators. For Leader, we also certify expenditures.

In details our activity is somewhat different, depending on the programmes. Concerning Interreg, an outer ...

Get more at ease with European programs!


Mrs Sophie Le Grand, Welcomeurope Trainer

1/ What are the main activities of a trainer at Welcomeurope?

The basic activity of our trainers at Welcomeurope is the animation of specialized training sessions on European funding programs. Our trainings include 14 modules for specialized topics. For example, we have specific modules for FP7. There are other programs which concentrate on cooperation outside the EU and als...

How to succeed in call for proposals for FP 7?


Mr. Philippe ARHETS, European Affairs Chairman - National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), Coordinator for Health NCP

1/ What are the main tasks of a National Contact Point (NCP) for FP7?

Our activities are based upon three main tasks:

1) Inform the scientific community about the opportunities offered by FP7 and one of its thematic priority, Health, in particular. This naturally includes other related initiatives (such as JTI IMI) or other programs such as framework program fo... a French branch of an European net


Jean-Christophe Boulanger, Director

1/ As a director, could you describe actions? is an online media, completely free and specialised on European policies. In France and ten other countries in Europe, teams of journalists follow the progress of European legislations. In France, the search for information begins with French positioning on European legislation project (State, enterpris...

COST: a research platform with greater added value


Interview with Mr. Martin GRABERT, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), Director

What is the main objective of COST? Could you describe its activity in a few words?

COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, to allow the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. COST aims to help reduce the fragmentation in European research investments and open the European Research Area to cooperatio...

Nuclear power in the service of European citizens


Mr. Georges Van Goethem, Scientific Project Officer / Innovation and Training, DG Research / Euratom (nuclear fission)

Mr Van Goethem, what are the specific activities of DG Research on nuclear fission? Is there any added value compared to other existing frameworks in the European Union?

The nature of activities within our unit that deals with nuclear fission and radiation protection represents itself a very high specificity compared to other areas. Our work revolves around the theme of en...

How to benefit from the LLP opportunities?


Marion KILHOFFER, Life-Long Learning Programme (LLP) specialist at Welcomeurope

LLP (for Life-Long Learning Programmeme ) is one of the largest community programmes in terms of budget.

Could you summarize its specificities and objectives, in a few words?

LLP, which has a global budget of almost 7 billion EUR for 2007-2013 is the most significant programmeme of the Commission in the field of education. It is includes 4 sub-programmes covering diffe...

EBRD increases lending for SME


Teresa Godwin Coombs, SME facility manager,EBRD

What gave birth to the EU/EBRD SME Finance Facility?

The EBRD’s mandate is to foster the establishment of market-based, competitive and sound economies and it was always clear to us that an indispensable element for this is a healthy SME sector. The idea for the establishment of an EC supported SME Finance Facility dates back to 1997 when the Facility was designed as an in...

EU Geographical Aid Programmes


Thierry Barbé, Area Coordinator for Western Africa, EuropeAid Cooperation Office

What are the prioritized topics for EU funding projects in Western Africa?

Generally speaking, geographical aid which is part of the EU help programmes funded under the European Development Fund for Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Region (ACP) can be divided into three parts. These are: o Budget help which is a direct financial allocation from the European Commission going t...

Eurofunding 2010: the essential tool for the european project leader


Dominique Guillard, Head of Welcomeurope Eurofunding 2010 Services

What is your role within Welcomeurope?

I am in charge of the whole Eurofunding 2010 services published by Welcomeurope, in order to meet the needs of our clients. In fact, our tools evolve daily, regularly offering new tools and services, according to our subscribers\' suggestions. The European Fundings may be difficult to clearly understand, that is the reason why I tr...


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