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Overview of the new priorities of the ‘Europe for citizens’ Programme

Priorities for the 2 strands of the Europe for Citizens programme have now been announced and are outlined below. Welcomeurope invites you to consult them. Lire_La_Suite

Priorities for the 2 strands of the Europe for Citizens programme have now been announced and are outlined below. Welcomeurope invites you to consult them.

What it is?

The Europe for citizens Programme is an instrument aimed at getting the Union’s 500 million inhabitants to play a greater part in the development of the Union. By funding schemes and activities in which citizens can participate, the Programme is promoting Europe’s shared history and values.

What is it for?

The general objectives are:
- to contribute to citizens' understanding of the Union, its history and diversity,
- to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level.

What’s new in 2016?

IMPORTANT: there are 4 priority areas in each strand, and potential applicants need to select one of these:

For strand 1: European remembrance

1) Commemorations of major historical turning points in recent European history

The following commemorations are eligible for project applications:
1936 Beginning of the Spanish Civil War
1956 Political and social mobilisation in central Europe
1991 Beginning of the Yugoslav Wars
1951 Adoption of the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees in relation with the post WWII refugee situation in Europe

2) Civil society and civic participation under totalitarian regimes

This priority is for projects which reflect on the significance of contemporary democratic achievements such as rule of law, public liberties, civic rights...The objective is to show that civil society organisations are an indispensable link between citizens and authorities

3) Ostracism and loss of citizenship under totalitarian regimes: drawing the lessons for today

This is for projects which address themes and questions including: how can we cope with political discourses that use fears, prejudices and hatred against certain categories of the population, what are the educational tools and legal instruments at EU and national levels to fight racism and xenophobia...

4) Democratic transition and accession to the European Union

These projects should analyse how the EU accession perspective influenced democratic standards and practises of previous dictatorships or authoritarian regimes and the role of EU membership in the process of democratic transition.

For strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation

1) Understanding and Debating Euroscepticism

This is for projects that reflect on the understanding of Euroscepticism and foster debates on its implications for the future of the European Union.

2) Solidarity in times of crisis

These projects should encourage intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through the participation of nationals from Member States and possibly of third-country nationals legally residing in the EU.

3) Combatting stigmatisation of "immigrants" and building counter narratives to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding

These projects shall help overcome stereotypes about immigrants by deconstructing past and present processes of stigmatization and promote the respect of common values.

4) Debate on the future of Europe

These projects should invite citizens to discuss and debate concrete ways to create a more democratic Union, so as to make them re-engage with the European project.

How to participate?

Potential candidates are invited to read carefully the Programme Guide. New calls for proposals have been published. Please find them on the EACEA website and on Welcomeurope website.

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