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Friday, December 6, 2019

297 million euro to help local communities in response to the Syrian crisis

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News The EU decided to extend the mandate of the Trust Funds with a 297 million euro assistance package to support refugees and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon.

The assistance package consists of the following actions in support of refugees and host communities :

  • 45 million euro in support of economic development and social stability in Lebanon to foster economic growth and local development;
  • 48 million euro to improve public water and wastewater services for local host communities and Syrian refugee populations in Lebanon;
  • 70 million euro for better access to  quality, equitable and affordable health services for vulnerable populations in Lebanon;
  • 59 million euro to strengthen the self-reliance of refugees and host communities in Jordan, work towards  an inclusive national social protection system and the creation of decent job opportunities for Syrians;
  • 39 million euro for the establishment of an integrated solid waste management system in Syrian refugee camps and neighbouring communities in Jordan to improve health, environmental conditions and create job opportunities;
  • 36 million euro to support the needs of Palestine refugees from Syria in Jordan and Lebanon.

Source :  Europa Press Corner




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