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Friday, September 27, 2019

39 EU-funded sustainable transport infrastructure projects

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News An investment of 117 million euros for the development of sustainable transport infrastructure in Europe has been announced by the European Commission.

The European Union is announcing 117 million euros for 39 projects, in the transport sector, which will help to establish missing connections across the continent, while focusing on sustainable modes of transport.

Among these projects, eight aim to reduce noise pollution by nearly 75,000 freight wagons. Cross-border links will also have to be developed, for example by electrifying the line between Vienna and the Hungarian border or the cross-border section of the line between Bremen (Germany) and Groeningen (Netherlands). In addition, many projects concern the modernisation of European port infrastructure in order to promote multimodality and reduce pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the European Union will provide €2.1 million to finance the extension and construction of railways in the port of Oulu in Finland.

Source :  Environnement Magazine




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