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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 million euros of EU funds are allocated to international film projects under the MEDIA Mundus program

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With 5 million provided by the European Commission, 35 film- related projects will be financially supported through the MEDIA Mundus program. This program aims at strengthening international cultural relations in the audiovisual field, and the exchanges related to the distribution in European and international markets.

Among the 35 projects selected for co-funding are:

- "IPEDA MUNDUS" This project facilitates the release of European films on prominent internet video platforms in the US and Canada. It also helps North American film-makers to access European counterparts.

- "EYE ON FILMS" This is a global network of distributors and festivals which distribute debut feature films in more than 20 countries.

- "DOCSTORIES" A training workshop which aims to develop creative documentary projects and innovative non-fiction programmes in the Black Sea region (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia). “Docstories” will also create a network to encourage the circulation of documentaries and exchange of best practices.


The film landscape has changed significantly over the past two decades, due to the impact of technological developments such as multi-channel digital television, digital cinema and video-on-demand. XXThe MEDIA Mundus programme has a budget of €15 million over 3 years (2011-13) and funds projects encouraging mobility and exchanges between European film-makers and their counterparts around the world.

The Commission's proposed Creative Europe programme, due to start in 2014, envisages allocating more than €900 million for MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus activities. The final budget will be decided by the European Parliament and Member States

Source :  Press room - European commission

More information  Site web de la Commission européenne consacré au programme MEDIA Mundus


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