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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Africa-Europe Alliance: €7.9 million contribution to support employment in Mauritius

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Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica is on an official visit to the Republic of Mauritius. On this occasion, he announced a €7.9 million contribution to support the country's priority to address unemployment and build an innovative Mauritius.

EU-Mauritius cooperation under the 11th European Development Fund focuses on tertiary education, research and innovation. This programme complements the EU's partnership with Mauritius in key areas such as maritime security, trade and investment, fisheries and the ocean economy, agriculture, climate change, cyber security, human rights, gender equality and women's empowerment. 

The €7.9 million contribution signed on April 2nd, aims at:
- Improving the relevance of post-secondary and vocational training education in Mauritius to increase access to education for the youth issued from vulnerable groups;
- Enhancing applied research and innovation capacity by enabling collaboration between academia and industry (e.g. nanotechnology research). This should encourage further private investment and trigger the creation of high added-value jobs.

Source :  Europa - Press release

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