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Friday, December 2, 2005

Bolivia: Commission releases €1 million to support democratic governance

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News The European Commission will provide €1 million, under its Rapid Reaction Mechanism, to give urgent support to key actions in favour of democratic governance in Bolivia.

In view of the challenges facing Bolivia in the run-up to the December elections and in order to support and strengthen democratic institutions in the post-electoral period, the Commission will support a number of measures to assist Bolivian efforts to consolidate national stability. The coming months will be critical to the development of Bolivian democracy and EU support can contribute significantly to preserving and strengthening Bolivia´s democratic institutions. A group of urgent and critical short-term actions has therefore been identified by the Commission for early implementation. The aims of the assistance, to be implemented through a number of partners such as local and international NGOs and international organisations, include: - Providing support to the Pre-Constituent and Pre-Autonomy Council which will prepare the way for key votes on 2 July 2006. - Providing advice on the regional decentralisation process including offering examples from Europe´s own diverse range of autonomous or federal models. - Strengthening consultative processes and negotiation capacities within political parties and social movements. - Facilitating provision of identity documents to indigenous people from remote rural areas . - Supporting the role of local media in providing quality and objective information. Background Since early 2003 Bolivia has experienced political instability yet succeeded in finding solutions within the democratic framework. The Commission and the EU Member States have been following developments there closely and are supporting efforts to achieve national stability based on a deepened and more effective democracy within a framework of coherent and structured actions.

Source :  European Commission




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