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Monday, October 15, 2007

Commission authorises €31 million aid from French Industrial Innovation Agency for OSIRIS R&D programme

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News The European Commission has decided not to raise any objections under EU state aid rules to the financial aid granted by France to the OSIRIS programme.

The programme is coordinated by the Soufflet group, in association with the company Maguin and a French research laboratory. The aim of the project is to develop new biotechnology products and processes with a view in particular to improving the use of agricultural resources in biofuels and animal nutrition. The aid amounts to approximately €31 million. OSIRIS's R&D programme is worth a total of €77 million over a period of eight years and aims to produce tools for the rapid selection of micro-organisms, develop industrial solid-state fermentation processes and create specific biotechnology products to improve the yield of biofuel production from wheat and maize in particular. These biotechnology products should also boost the performance of cereals and oilseeds and protein crops used for animal feed and increase the yield of co-products of biofuel production. They will also generate health benefits for consumers of non-alcoholic beer and malted beverages. Finally, they will protect cereal crops from the disease fusariosis.

Source :  Osiris

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