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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Commission authorises aid for the distribution of cultural and social journals by non-profit organisations in Denmark

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News Today, the Commission approved the Danish Bill on aid for the distribution of certain journals and periodicals that establishes a scheme according to which certain non-profit journals and periodicals can be assisted with public means.

The aid scheme will be administered by the Ministry of Culture and operated on an annual basis for an unlimited period of time. The size of the aid pool will be determined annually in the Finance Acts and will be based on demand and resources available. Around 2,400 publications are expected to be eligible for the aid. According to the Danish authorities, the objective of the scheme is to promote, by facilitating the development of the activities at hand, the democratic debate, the dissemination of cultural and social information and the activities of associations. The scheme will assist non-profit organisations to pursue these goals by publishing and circulating journals and periodicals dealing with a wide variety of cultural and social subjects. The Commission has come to the conclusion that, to the extent that trade between Member States is affected at all, the state aid measures are compatible with the common market.

Source :  European Commission - Press release


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