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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The European Commission opens its 4th EU Health Prize for Journalists

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News Today for the fourth consecutive year was opened the fourth edition of the EU Health Prize for Journalists. The European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli has invited journalists to write about one of the following topics:

- One or more of the topics of the Europe for Patients campaign. These are
pharmaceuticals, cross-border healthcare, rare diseases, health workforce, patient safety, organ donation and transplantation, cancer, vaccination, prudent use of antibiotics, mental health, and Alzheimer's disease and other dementias
- Active and healthy ageing, in light of the European Year for active ageing and solidarity between generations 2012
- Special prize topic: smoking cessation.

Commissioner Dalli announced the launch of the Prize to over 600 policy makers, health stakeholders and journalists at a conference on the results and future perspectives of the EU Health Programme. Commissioner Dalli said, "I am launching the fourth EU Health Prize for Journalists today, as we present the achievements of the EU Health Programme. I believe the Programme has provided clear EU added-value to citizens in promoting health and preventing disease, increasing access to better and safer healthcare and protecting people from cross-border health threats. Health journalists bring these topics to life. By reporting on citizens' real life experiences on health, they convey information and raise awareness about health and health policy. I see communication as an integral part of our action and journalists as our greatest allies".

Health data

A useful health data tool was also launched at the conference – Heidi (Health in Europe: Information and Data Interface) is an internet based wiki presenting health information at EU level on health status, determinants, health services and several other topics. With its abundance of health data and indicators, which can be broken down per year, by country and by region, the Heidi Wiki can be of immense value to policy makers, researchers, health professionals and journalists. Link to the wiki:

EU Health Programmes: past and future

The EU health programmes have supported and delivered numerous actions and projects aimed at encouraging the uptake of innovation, better and safer healthcare, health promotion and protection against diseases and cross-border health threats. Since 2008 the health programme has financed projects worth close to € 237 million in areas such as youth health, healthy lifestyles, cancer, rare diseases, health information and health inequalities.

The programme has provided substantial added value to countless individuals and communities across the EU. Many of these projects are showcased at today's conference.

The current health programme runs until the end of 2013. The new Health Programme is part of the EU's financial priorities for 2014-2020 (the EU Multiannual Financial Framework), which was announced by the European Commission in June 2011. If discussions amongst the Council of Ministers and in the European Parliament proceed smoothly, the Health Programme should be adopted by the end of 2012, and begin in 2014.

EU Health Prize for Journalists: The Rules

- The prizes to be awarded are: 6.000 € for first place, 2.500 € for second place and 1.500 € for third place. 3.000 € will be awarded to the winner of this year's special prize.

- Participants to the competition must be nationals or residents of one of the 27 EU member States and aged 18 or over

- A maximum of 2 articles can be submitted per participant and team submissions are accepted as long as the team does not exceed 5 people.

- All articles must be in one of the official languages of the EU and have been originally published in either a print or online media outlet.

- The maximum length of the article should not exceed 20 000 characters (including spaces).

- More rules and conditions, as well as information on how the winners are selected, can be found on the dedicated website.

Source :  European Commission - Press release

More information  Commissioner John Dalli's website




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