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Monday, October 12, 2009

Committee of the Regions launches the European Entrepreneurial Region award

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News A new initiative has been launched by the Committee of Regions (CoR) of the European Union which aims to encourage the spirit entrepreuneurial spirit: The European Entreprenerial Region Award. This project will recognize and reward the EU regions which show a unique vision for enterprise policy. It also shows how important is SMEs' role in EU's regional development.

According to European Commission Vice-President responsible for Enterprise and Industry, Günther Verheugen, who launched the EER with President Van den Brande, we need to 'Think Small First'. This became the motto of the action. The EER is open to every region of Europe, regardless of its size, population or wealth. Any region, city or local authority that has the political mandate to draw up and implement its own strategy for boosting entrepreneurship at the local and regional level is eligible to apply for the award; each year, up to three regions from across the EU will be granted the right to call themselves 'Entrepreneurial Region of the Year', based on the quality, efficacy and long-term success of their entrepreneurial vision and the political will to implement it. Each region's vision will be assessed by a jury of CoR members, representatives from the European Commission and from business organisations BusinessEurope, UEAPME and Eurochambres, all of which have backed the scheme. The jury will take into account the specific characteristics of the candidate region concerned (such as its competences in the area of business policy, its entrepreneurial potential and the sustainability and credibility of its proposals), as well as the overall presentation of its so-called 'Vision Plan'. The first 'Entrepreneurial Region of the Year' labels will be awarded for 2011 and 2012 at ceremony to be held in February 2010. Regions wishing to apply for the award must do so via the EER website by 15 January 2010.

Source :  Committee of the Regions

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