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Friday, November 18, 2011

The conclusions of the November plenary session of the European Parliament

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News Culture, economy and climate were the order of the day during the last plenary session of European Parliament

MEPs called for EU-wide action to prevent honeybee deaths. Their disappearance could have a serious impact on Europe's food production and environmental stability, not to mention on 600,000 jobs that the sector provides. MEPs discussed the EU-US summit that will take place on 28 November in Washington, emphasizing the need for a transatlantic initiative for jobs and growth. Foreign policy issues like the situation in Palestine, Syria, Libya and Iran should also be addressed. EU lawmakers voted to simplify the mutual recognition of professional qualifications, paving the way for highly-skilled workers to respond to job shortages across Europe. They also voted into law a regulation to curb short selling and trading in credit default swaps (CDS) with the aim of reining in market volatility and making speculation on a country's default more difficult. The winner of the 2011 LUX film prize is "Les neiges du Kilimandjaro" by French director Robert Guédiguian. The film questions the injustices of today's societies and their political and trade union conflicts, and makes a plea for tolerance. MEPs discussed how to establish stronger EU economic governance with Herman Van Rompuy, Jean-Claude Juncker, and José Manuel Barroso. A large majority of political group leaders warned that any Treaty change would need to be carried out in a manner which included both national parliaments and the European Parliament. The Parliament said the EU should continue giving "public and unequivocal" support to the Kyoto Protocol at the UN climate summit in Durban and go beyond the current 20% emissions target for 2020. Member states should be free to make their own rules on online gambling (10% of all gambling in Europe, which creates €10 billion in revenue) but should also co-ordinate with other member states to combat illegal cross-border gambling, protect children and prevent vulnerable adults from getting addicted, said the MEPs in a resolution. Discrimination and violations of the human rights of Roma people were in the spotlight as MEPs called upon MS to follow EU guidelines for integrating Roma people, the biggest minority in the EU, in the fields of education, employment, health and housing. Digital equipment is too dear for small independent cinemas to be able to keep up with the digital revolution, said MEPs in a resolution. They called for specific EU subsidies to help them invest in production, archiving 3D projection, HDTV or Blue-Ray technology.

Source :  European Parliament - Press Room

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