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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Daphne III - fighting violence against children, young people and women - MEPs call for an increase in the budget

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News Parliament has adopted a first-reading report on the successful EU programme seeking to combat and prevent violence against children, young people and women: Daphne.

The Parliament calls for a budget of €125 million for 2007-2013 as compared to €116.85 million in the Commission's proposal. MEPs also want to include domestic violence, genital mutilation and protection of victims as objectives of the programme. Initially the Commission proposed a single programme covering "Daphne" and "Drugs and Prevention and information". In May 2006, the Commission presented a modified proposal taking into account the Parliament's request to split the two programmes. The report was adopted with 552 votes in favour 51 against with 64 abstentions. A common programme was criticised out of the concern that the Daphne programme might loose visibility if combined with measures related to drug addiction. Special attention to vulnerable groups MEPs add fighting domestic violence and female genital mutilation among the objectives of Daphne as well as protection of victims. The programme's target groups for actions should be "all those that directly or indirectly deal with violence in all its forms and with trafficking in human beings". MEPs remind that it is necessary to recognise that some groups, namely women belonging to minority groups, refugee women, women migrants, women living in poverty in rural or remote communities, women in institutions or in detention, female children, lesbian women, women with disabilities and elderly women, are particularly vulnerable to violence. Clear and credible targets Clear and credible targets are required, say MEPs. Parliament also proposes to set up a Europe-wide child helpline for children who have experienced violence. Daphne should as well be open to a wider range of NGOs, for example organisations that fight against child abduction and paedophilia and for the European Network of Ombudspeople for Children (ENOC), say MEPs. They also call on the Commission to "aim at ensuring the participation of all countries to which the programme is open". Third phase of Daphne The anti-violence plans would not be a new programme, but a third phase of Daphne ('Daphne III'). It will cover the period from 1 January 2007- 31 December 2013 and should build on the policies and objectives laid down in the "Daphne" (2000-2003) and "Daphne II" (2004-2008) programmes, according to the Parliament. Given that problems linked to violence are likely to continue occurring in the future the Parliament calls for prior arrangements to allow for the extension of the programme.

Source :  European Parliament




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