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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Daphne should stand alone, says Women's Rights Committee

Human Rights,

News Daphne, the EU programme seeking to combat violence against children, young people and women, is a success and should not be merged with efforts to prevent drug abuse, according to the Women's Rights Committee.

Adopting a first reading report on the Commission's proposal to establish new programme for 2007-2013 on the "Fight against violence (Daphne) and drugs prevention and information" the committee called for two separate programmes. The report, drafted by Lissy Gröner (PES, DE), says there are important differences between the two issues. The anti-violence plans would not be a new programme, but a third phase of Daphne ('Daphne III'), with a proposed budget set at €115.87 million for 2007-2013. European Year against violence against women The Committee wants Daphne to support a "European Year against violence against women". MEPs say this would be valuable for awareness raising and for sharing of good practice. They also call for the help desk service to NGOs and other organisations to be continued, and for the establishment of a "think tank" to provide guidelines to the Commission on the social, cultural and political context for the selection of projects. Clear and credible targets The Committee says that clear and credible targets are required, such as halving the number of people who fall victim to violence and human trafficking over the next ten-year period. It says Daphne should be open to a wider range of NGOs, as well as countries outside the EU, in particular Eastern European and Central Asian, ACP and Mediterranean countries. MEPs in the committee call on the Commission to "aim at ensuring the participation of all countries to which the programme is open". The Daphne programme was established in 1997. It has funded over 350 projects, supporting organisations that develop measures and action to prevent or to combat all types of violence against children, young people and women and to protect the victims and at-risk groups. The Civil Liberties Committee is drafting the legislative report on the drugs prevention and information programme.

Source :  European Parliament




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