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Monday, February 7, 2011

DRL headlights, now mandatory for all new car models in Europe.

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News From the 7th of February onwards all new types of passenger cars will have to be equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL). They are expected to increase road safety as they substantially raise the visibility of motor vehicles for other road users. They also and have a lower energy consumption than'dipped-beam' head lights.

Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn at the Royal Society in London Research, Innovation and Science Commissioner Maíre Geoghegan-Quinn will today (13h00 CET) deliver a keynote speech ( SPEECH/11/69) in London at the Royal Society, the renowned Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists. The speech covers the opportunities the Innovation Union offers for the UK, as well as following up President Barroso's message to the European Council of 4 February on the importance of maintaining and making more effective the investment in education, research and innovation that is necessary for long-term economic recovery. Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn will say that it does not make sense to duplicate on the European level what can be done at the national level. But they should recognise when EU level action can add value to what Member States are doing….They cannot afford to jeopardise future growth by cutting back now on the investment in education, research and innovation that is necessary for long-term economic recovery….It is right that UK innovation and business has a global outlook but with a vibrant research and innovation system, the UK has everything to gain from the Innovation Union and the European Research Area and nothing to lose. And let's not be shy in admitting that the European Research Area also benefits from UK knowledge and expertise." Ending fragmentation of the Digital Single Market European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes this morning told a London business audience that "every gap" in the Digital Single Market holds us back from long-term recovery. Kroes said the problems caused by the lack of a Digital Single Market ranged from obsolete mobile roaming charges through to our cultural history being kept in the digital darkness because of confusion about who holds the rights to what. There is no reason why a basic service should jump ten or twenty-fold in price once you enter the Channel Tunnel or go to a wedding in Spain according Kroes in reference to mobile roaming. Kroes believes that small businesses will be amongst the biggest winners from completing the Digital Single Market. So she is extremely keen to work to lay down exactly the right conditions for letting small businesses get on with what they do best – business. Whether it is e-invoices, or the Single European Payment Area, or making sure ICT devices will talk to each other when you need them. She is not looking to help UK businesses be leaders in their fields. EU Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, in Slovakia to promote EU development policy Tomorrow, 8 February, Commissioner Piebalgs will visit Slovakia to promote EU development policy. He will first meet the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mikuláš Dzurinda, and the State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Milan Je

Source :  Press room - European Commission


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