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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

EDUCATION Section: Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the European education policy

Education - Training,

News 1987-2001:15 years of European education programs and a missed meeting with the post-Euro European Union.

1987 was the real beginning of a European education policy with the start of two programs: ERASMUS and COMETT, which later became SOCRATES and LEONARDO in the course of the 90's. COMETT whose aim was to bring together universities and enterprises revealed quite quickly not to be very productive; its budgets essentially served to finance numerous "universities/enterprises-webs" with more than questionable results. It's impact on education and the improvement of the relations between the two sectors has never been really significant, despite of the 2 billions of Euros contributed to the project during the last 15 years. Its successor LEONARDO stays a big mystery too, as far as it's impact on the education of young people on the European level is concerned. The non-existence of independent evaluations of these programs leaves some doubts about their usefulness, not to mention the financing of numerous structures and programs directly bound to the system of the Community (Commission + concerned ministers).

Source :  EU student vote




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