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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Erasmus for all, Creative Europe and fight against doping: the EU ministers debate on forthcoming european programmes

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Today and tomorrow, the EU ministers meet to discuss some programmes for the period 2014 - 2020. This is Eramus for all, Creative Europe and fight against doping. 

Two new programmes on the agenda 

’A Creative Europe’ and ’Europe for Citizens’ are two proposals from the Commission for two new programmes in the field of culture for the period 2012-2020. Both proposals are on the agenda, when the Ministers for Culture and Audiovisual meet on 10 May 2012. 

Political debate on a new loan guarantee and the fight against doping 

The Ministers will have the opportunity to discuss a new financial instrument, suggested in the proposal for ‘A Creative Europe’, for small and medium sized enterprises within the cultural and creative sectors. For the Sport Ministers the focus point will be the fight against doping, including in recreational sport. Doping in recreational sport is a widespread problem in Europe and it is an important step that the Sport Ministers have this topic on the agenda. 

Erasmus for All 

When the EU Ministers for Education and Youth meet 11 May they will discuss Erasmus for All – the new EU programme for education and youth for 2014 – 2020. Erasmus for All integrates the existing programmes in the field of education and youth and adds sport as a new area. It builds upon the results of the Lifelong Learning Programme and the programme for Active Youth. Erasmus for All will give more Europeans the possibility to participate in mobility and transnational cooperation within and outside of the EU. 

EU Minister for Youth meeting 

In the afternoon Danish Minister for Children and Education Christine Antorini is also in the Presi-dency chair, when the EU ministers for youth meet. They will discuss how informal learning can con-tribute to avoid marginalization of young people who are neither in education and training nor em-ployed.

Source :  Danish presidency of the European Union 2012




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