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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner opens EU Centre in Seoul

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News EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner formally opened the newly established European Union Centre in Seoul during her official visit to Republic of Korea.

The Centre will make a major contribution to fostering greater knowledge and awareness of the European Union, its institutions and its policies in Korea. This EU Centre will be hosted by one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Korea, the Seoul National University (SNU). SNU will develop the project in collaboration with the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) with a view to becoming a national independent and informed voice in Korea on the European Union. The Centre is based on the principle that increased knowledge of Europe and of European integration in Korea is important to the EU’s international role and its longterm economic, academic and cultural interests and relations with Korea. At the forefront of the Centre’s strategy will be curriculum development and teaching about the European Union, organising international conference and public lectures and seminars, informing people in business, media and the professions about the EU and its significance for Korea, encouraging and supporting research works on EU-related matters and carrying out outreach activities to enhance a positive perception in Korea of the EU and the integration model it embodies. The Centre will receive European Community funding of nearly €800.000 over a 3 ½ year-period. This initiative is part of a wider network of Community funded Centres hosted at prominent universities which spreads across most of the key industrialized partners of the European Union such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In 2005 the Commission placed a particular emphasis on the consolidation and extension of this network in the Asia-Pacific. EU Centres will be encouraged to develop collaborative relationships and partnerships to facilitate the development of multi-national understanding and of research projects on issues and interests important to both their host country and the European Union.

Source :  Delegation of the EC to Korea




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