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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Eurimages supports 10 European co-productions

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News At its 79th meeting, held on 30.09.2002 - 02.10.2002 in Bucarest, the Board of Management of the Council of Europe Fund, Eurimages, agreed to support 10 feature films for a total amount of 3,797,238 Euros

The feature films are : Scheme 1 : Assistance awarded mainly on the basis of the project's circulation potential La Cantata Dei Pastori - Enzo D'Alo (Italian) (Italy, Spain) Carmen - Vicente Aranda (Spain) (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom) Mathilde - Nina Mimica (Italian) (Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom) Scheme 2 - Assistance awarded primarily on the basis of artistic value Ce jour-là - Raoul Ruiz (French) (France, Switzerland) Um Filme Falado - Manoel De Oliveira (Portuguese) (Portugal, France, Italy) Le Finestre di Fronte - Ferzan Ozpetek (Italian-Turkish) (Italy, Portugal, Turkey) Ono - Malgorzata Szumowska (Polish) (Poland, Germany) Oreo to Foustani Sou, Yiorgo Mou - Yiannis Diamantopoulos (Greek) (Greece, Bulgaria) Shakespeare Never Did This... - Kirsi Nevanti (Finnish) (Finland, Sweden, Denmark) Zamansiz Ö Lüm - Ömer Kavur (Turkish) (Turkey, Hungary) Support was awarded to the following distributors for the films listed hereafter: MARIGOLD FILMS (Bulgaria) Fellini : Je Suis un Grand Menteur - Damian Pettigrew (Canadian) Taking Sides - Istvan Szabo (Hungarian) VADI VAN KRIS LTD (Bulgaria) Concorrenza Sleale - Ettore Scola (Italian) Au Plus près du Paradis - Tonie Marshall (French) CINEMART (Czech Republic) Halbe Treppe - Andreas Dresen (German) Hundstage - Ulrich Seidl (Austrian) SPI INTERNATIONAL CZECH REPUBLIC (Czech Republic) 8 femmes - Francois Ozon (French) L'Auberge Espagnole - Cédric Klapisch (French) BEST HOLLYWOOD (Hungary) Das Experiment - Oliver Hirschbiegel (German) MASKEPP FOUNDATION (Hungary) Funny Games - Michael Haneke (Austrian) Va savoir - Jacques Rivette (French) SPI INTERNATIONAL HUNGARY (Hungary) A La Folie... Pas du Tout - Laetitia Colombani (French) INDEPENDENTA FILM (Romania) Tanguy - Etienne Chatilliez (French) NEW FILMS INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA (Romania) La Tour Montparnasse Infernale - Charles Nemes (French) SLOVENSKA KINOTEKA (Slovenia) Va Savoir - Jacques Rivette (French) FOUNDATION TRIGON-FILM (Switzerland) L'Autre Monde - Merzak Allouache (French-Algerian) JMH DISTRIBUTIONS (Switzerland) Au plus près du Paradis - Tonie Marshall (French) MONT-BLANC DISTRIBUTION SA (Switzerland) Sindbad - Karel Zeman (Czech) BELGE FILM SAN. VE TIC (Turkey) Bloody Sunday - Paul Greengrass (British) BIR FILM ITHALAT (Turkey) Italian for Beginners- Lone Scherfig (Danish) DENK SINEMA VE TANITIM (Turkey) Rue des Plaisirs - Patrice Leconte (French) UMUT SANAT FILMCILIK SINEMACILIK (Turkey) And Now Ladies and Gentlemen - Claude Lelouch (French) Divine Intervention- Elia Suleyman (Dutch) At that same meeting, the Board of Management also fixed the 2003 deadlines for submission of new applications for support as well as the dates of its meetings, i.e.: Since its establishment, EURIMAGES has supported 883 European co-productions for a total amount of 245 615 572 Euros.

Source :  Council of Europe




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