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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Euronews interviews "the EBBA winning band Elektro Guzzi"

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The Austrian band Elektro Guzzi explain how getting the EU funded EBBA award helped them in their efforts to break borders. Elektro Guzzi’s adventure started in a cellar ten years ago.In 2012, they got an EBBA award – which is co-funded by the EU Culture Programme.

We won this EBBA award, we got a lot of attention from the media, from festivals and we played a lot, for example, in Holland this year,” says bass guitar player Jakob Schneidewind.

This award has helped Elektro Guzzi in their efforts to break borders. In the past years, the band have been to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and touring around all the major festivals in Europe. Even though border customs have all but disappeared in Europe, music doesn’t travel easily and breaking borders in Europe remains difficult for music bands.

The EBBA awards intend precisely to reward the success of emerging European musicians who manage to attract audiences beyond their national borders in Europe.

They aim to recognize and give visibility to the winners to help them further their careers. They contribute to inspire other budding musicians to achieve cross border success. Finally, they also raise broader awareness of just how much original creative talent there is in Europe that deserves to be better known and to reach much wider audiences across Europe as well as beyond.

Source :  European Commission Press

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