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Monday, April 30, 2012

The European Commission presents its partnership principles in European Funds

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News The European Commission has presented briefly the future principles underlying the implementation of the EU Common Strategic Framework funds, and in particular principles governing partnership management within this framework.

It prepares the ground for a European Code of Conduct on partnership (ECCP), which will lay down minimum requirements for national authorities to ensure a high quality involvement of partners.

Why a 'European Code of Conduct on Partnership'?

Partnership can bring many benefits and added value, ranging from enhanced commitment and broader expertise to greater transparency and improved efficiency of the policy making process. However, experience shows that there are wide differences across the EU on application of the partnership principle, depending on national institutional set-ups and political cultures. The effectiveness of the partnership principle also depends on the technical ability of the partners to contribute substantively to the process, raising the question of capacity-building. 

Source :  DG for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - Article

More information  about the European Code of Conduct on partnership




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