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Friday, February 3, 2012

The European Parliament wants to ensure program funds DAPHNE

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News MPs yesterday voted a resolution calling for the continuation of the endowment of 117 million euros for the DAPHNE programme.

Parliament reiterates that the Daphne programme has been underfunded so far. Daphne is the only EU-wide programme to combat violence against women, children and young people, and it needs sufficient funding is needed to tackle real needs, maintain current measures and introduce new ones, says the resolution, which was adopted with 554 votes in favour, 22 against and 88 abstentions.
On-line threats
More funding should go to projects to alert young people to new forms of violence linked to the growing use of online social networks, such as threats, psychological pressures, bullying or internet child pornography, says the text.
Particular attention should be paid to projects to eradicate "honour" crimes and female genital mutilation, it adds.
Strengthening Daphne
MEPs regret that combating violence against children, teenagers and women is not explicitly listed in the "specific objectives" set out in the Commission communication on a proposed regulation establishing the Rights and Citizenship Programme for 2014 to 2020, in which Daphne is to be incorporated from 2014. Daphne's profile within the new programme must remain high, says the resolution.
"Violence against children, young people and women is lamentaby still a cruel reality. It is necessary to ensure that the Objectives of the Daphne Programme continue in the future 'Rights and Citizenhip Programme'", said rapporteur Regina Bastos (EVP, PT).
EU legislative measures needed 
Parliament reiterates the need for legislative measures at EU level to eradicate gender-based violence, because differing national policies and legislation lean that women do not have equal protection against male violence everywhere in the EU. 
Various studies on gender-based violence suggest that 20%-25% of all women in Europe have experienced physical violence at least once during their adult lives, and more than one-tenth have suffered sexual violence. Furthermore, 26% of children and young people have experienced physical violence in childhood. 
According to one Daphne project, conjugal violence alone costs €16 billion per year within the EU. This figure includes direct medical costs (e.g. casualty services, hospitalisation, out-patient care, and medicines), court and police costs, welfare costs (e.g. accommodation and various kinds of assistance) and economic costs, such as lost output. 
Simplify procedures  
Parliament suggests that Daphne project grant application procedures should be simplified, and project contracts concluded sooner, so as to encourage small NGOs to apply. The first Daphne programme (2000-2003) was renewed twice, in 2004 and 2007. During this time its budget was increased from €20 million to almost €117 million for Daphne III.

Source :  European Parliament - Press room




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