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Thursday, March 23, 2006

European Information Society Technology Grand Prize 2006

Research, Information, Innovation, New technologies,

News The European IST Prize is organised by the European Commission together with the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (Euro-CASE).

It is open each year to companies or organisations that present an innovative information technology product with promising market potential. Seventeen more prizes, of €5,000 each, were awarded to ground-breaking technologies from 12 countries. The top 20 projects were selected by the European Commission on 16 March from a total of 213 applicants from 28 European countries. The three Grand Prize Winners (of equal merit) each receive an award of €200.000. They are: Cavendish Kinetics for Nanomech (the Netherlands) A nanotechnology innovation in computer storage which dramatically enhances “non-volatile” memory (memory in electronic devices which continues working when the power is turned off). Nanomech uses ultra-low power, and boasts high speed read/write characteristics at temperatures up to 200°C. The company was founded in 1994, and employs 28. Guardia, for Guardia Control System (Denmark) A reliable and accurate 3D face recognition system for security applications . Guardia Control copies the human face and features in 3D and scans the temperature of the face. The system has an extremely high success rate for recognizing individuals against images held in a database. Guardia was founded in 2003, with a staff of 2 plus contract developers. Advestigo for AdvestiSEARCH (France) AdvestiSEARCH calculates ‘digital fingerprints’ of multimedia digital content, allowing detection of full or partial copies of original material. This automated copyright protection service enables creators of digital content to monitor illicit use of their multimedia digital assets on the Internet. Advestigo was founded in 2002 and today employs a staff of 28. The European IST Prize is funded by the European Commission’s IST Programme, which is part of the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Independent experts, proposed by Euro-CASE, assessed the proposals and recommended the Winners and Grand Prize Winners to the European Commission.

Source :  European IST Prize




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