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Monday, March 7, 2005

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2005 Gender Mainstreaming in EU policies

Social Affairs, Justice - Security, New technologies,

News In this year's annual report on equality between women and men for the Spring European Council, the Commission shows that while gender employment and education gaps are closing in the EU, the gender pay gap has remained almost unchanged. It has remained stable in the EU-15 at approximately 16 per cent, while the estimated figure for the EU-25 is slightly lower, at 15 per cent, taking into account the pay gap in the new Member States.

The Daphne Programme The Daphne Programme was established in 1997 to combat violence against children, young people and women. Daphne facilitates NGO and multi-sectoral action against violence, understood in the widest possible sense, from sexual abuse to domestic violence, from commercial exploitation to bullying in schools, from trafficking to discrimination-based violence against handicapped, minority, migrant or other vulnerable people. The original approach of the Programme is that it works with organisations directly in contact with victims and those at risk. More than 150 Daphne projects, worth € 17 million, have been implemented since 1997. More than 1000 organisations have participated and have been funded. The projects supported by the Daphne Programme have resulted in many different outputs (151 projects in favour of women yielded 252 identifiable outputs). Gender equality in developing countries Promotion of gender equality in developing countries and especially in Africa has always been very challenging. Yet, advances have been made. African women's groups have focused on legal reform, violence against women, conflict resolution, economic empowerment. In terms of capacity building and gender-awareness the European Commission has supported the establishment of the African Women’s Development and Communication Network, FEMNET in Kenya with € 200,000. This project aimed at assisting African women within organized civil society to develop means to share strategic information on development, equality and other human rights using information technologies (internet) and conventional media (print, radio and television). Women and Information Society DG INFSO makes continuous efforts to increase the involvement of women in the management of its programmes. In the MEDIA programme work has been carried out promoting the work of women by supporting two European film festivals with women directors. In the Media Literacy aspect of the programme a communication is being prepared including gender dimension and mainly underlying the fight against sexual, cultural and racial stereotypes. The DG also participates in the Interservice groups for Gender Mainstreaming and Women and Science.

Source :  EC Press Release




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