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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Irish Presidency reaches an agreement on the new youth, mobility and sport programme : Erasmus +

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News Up to 4 million people will benefit from EU grants for education & training opportunities abroad between 2014 and 2020, which is nearly double the number who are currently eligible for these supports.

Over 4 million people to benefit from EU grants for education and training over next seven years. The Irish Presidency has brokered agreement on a new programme of apprxomiately €16 billion to support initiatives in education, training, youth and sport over the next seven years. The programme, called Erasmus +, brings together all the current EU and international schemes for education, training and youth. For the first time, sports initiatives are included. Irish officials have worked extensively on securing agreement on this initiative among Member States and with the European Parliament. Over four million people will benefit from EU grants for education and training opportunities abroad between 2014 and 2020 - almost doubling the numbers who currently receive these supports.
The programme will focus on mobility, cooperation and policy reform. Improvements will be made to supports for international study, training, teaching and volunteering opportunities. These improvements will benefit higher education and vocational students, trainees, teachers, trainers and youth workers.
Good practice will be shared through cross-cultural and cross-institutional learning in education and training institutions, and youth organisations. These will be formally put in place through “Knowledge Alliances” at university level and through “Sector Skills Alliances” in vocational institutions. The programme provides for engagement of the private sector to foster innovation and to ensure that practical learning and education is brought to the fore.
The evidence base for policy-making and reform will be strengthened. In the area of sports, the programme will particularly focus on cooperation and activities in grassroots sport. 

Key Points Erasmus+
• Helps young people to acquire additional skills through studying & training abroad
• Enhances teaching quality in the EU and beyond
• Supports Member States and partner countries in modernising their education and vocational training systems
• Promotes youth participation in society
• Supports teaching and research on European integration
• Supports European grass-roots sport

Who will benefit from Erasmus+?
Up to 4 million people will benefit from EU grants for education & training opportunities abroad between 2014 and 2020, which is nearly double the number who are currently eligible for these supports

How Erasmus+ will make a difference
• More opportunities for higher education and vocational students to study and train abroad to improve their skills and job prospects
• More opportunities for teachers, trainers and youth workers to study and train in another country
• More opportunities for young people to learn through youth exchanges, volunteering and participation in democratic life
• More opportunities for education and training institutions to exchange good practice
• Increased cooperation between educational institutions, businesses or regional authorities and other bodies such as youth organisations
• Launch of new ‘Knowledge Alliances’ between higher education institutions and businesses
• Expanding the eTwinning initiative that connects schools via the internet
• Better cooperation in education policy, with an emphasis on practical outcomes such as the Europass CV, which is used by more than 10 million Europeans
• More support for higher education in other parts of the world, particularly in neighbouring countries

Source :  Irish Presidency




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