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Friday, May 28, 2004

Launch of the European Youth Portal – a new tool for 75 million young people in Europe

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News For young people who want to discover and participate in Europe, the European Youth Portal with links to more than 10 000 websites of interest to young people, is the place to start.

The European Youth Portal was put forward in the European Commission's White Paper "A new impetus for European Youth" aims to give as many as possible of the 75 million young people in Europe quick and easy access to relevant youth related information. The links available also include detailed national, regional and local level information and are presented under headings such as Studying, Working, Volunteering and Exchanges, Your Rights, Portals for Young People, Travelling Europe and Info on Europe. In addition, the public can submit its own contributions, participate in discussion forums and ask questions to information experts in their own country. The European Youth Portal contains information on the 25 EU Member States. The European Youth Portal has been developed with and for young people, particularly in association with Eurodesk and the European Youth Forum. Thanks to the various youth networks of the Commission in Europe and beyond, the portal already contains 10 000 links to national, regional and local websites, and it will continuously be updated and expanded with more links. The European Youth Portal is part of a wider policy on Youth. When adopting a new method of cooperation in the youth field, the Member States identified 4 thematic priorities i.e. participation, information, voluntary activities and a greater knowledge and understanding of youth. Objectives have been endorsed by the Council for the 2 first priorities - participation, and information – and are starting to be implemented at national level. Voluntary service and a greater understanding and knowledge of youth are the next priorities for which objectives have just been proposed by the Commission. In parallel to, and as foreseen in the new framework of cooperation, the specific needs as well as the contributions of young people have been and will still be taken better into account in the policies on employment, social inclusion and the fight against racism and xenophobia. The development within the area of Youth Policy would not have been possible without the YOUTH programme. Through the projects funded by the Programme, young people can undertake activities together, exchange experiences, be a European Volunteer and youth workers get training and support. Since the year 2000, more than 400.000 young people have participated in more than 40.000 projects. With a view to the follow-up to the current Programme, the communication on "Citizenship in action", adopted in March 2004, outlines the Commission's priorities concerning the future generation of programmes in the field of youth, culture, media and civic participation. Through mobility actions, the European Voluntary Service and actions to improve the quality of support structures for young people, the new programme should promote the active participation of young people aged between 13 and 30 in civic society, promote the values of tolerance and solidarity amongst young people and promote intercultural dialogue.

Source :  European Commission- Directorate general for eduction and culture




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