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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MEDA WATER – Resource management

Local development, Environment, Co-op & Development,

News Reinforces regional cooperation and develops proposals on water management, through capacity strengthening, training, information and know-how exchanges

Budget : €40 million (MEDA) Timeframe : 2003-2008 Participating Mediterranean Partner Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey Programme objectives It aims at identifying ways of reinforcing regional cooperation, developing proposals for the management of water resources and contributing towards the creation of new sources of water. The Euro-Mediterranean Regional Programme for Local Water Management (MEDA WATER), seeks to prepare national and local scenarios, for the period up to 2025, which enable precise objectives to be set for sustainable water management. What does it do? It focuses on the integrated management of local drinking water supply, sanitation and sewage, and the prevention of drought. It also deals with the equitable management of water scarcity and irrigation water and the use of non-conventional water resources. The programme encourages co-operation of non-profit organisations, and works on strengthening institutional capacity, training, construction of demonstration plants, technology and know-how transfer and raising awareness. It aims mainly at three technical components: Water supply and wastewater reuse; Irrigation water management and improvement of decision-making structures in irrigation, rural water supply and sanitation; Drought management. Nine projects began under the MEDA Water Programme, in 2003- 2004. What's next? A Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference, in the second half of 2008, will discuss the guidelines for future co-operation in the water sector. Actions in brief - Strengthens institutional capacities - North - South academic exchanges on issues such as drought management, wastewater treatment, wastewater reuse, autonomous desalination, irrigation technology, dissemination technology - Pilot projects in villages in Egypt, Jordan and the West Bank to improve long-term access and rights to water by underprivileged populations - Greater acceptance of wastewater reuse through guidelines and pilot projects - Helps farmers manage their water resources themselves and villages to plan improvement of water availability and use.

Source :  Medawater website

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