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Friday, March 7, 2003

New portail on learning opportunities PLOTEUS

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News The EU PLOTEUS portal, is designed to connect people to detailed information on education and training in Europe. ( education system, studies,..)

This portal, along with the EURES portal already in existence and containing the European database on jobs opportunities, will provide people with vast array of useful information, opening a world of opportunities for its users. The portal itself is divided into a number of different sections : Learning opportunities, education systems, exchanges, contacts, moving to a Country. One of the most useful functions of the portal will be to connect surfers to national education websites, providing lists of schools, colleges and other educational institutions through the Learning Opportunities section. Here one can weigh up various options about studying anything from engineering in Finland, business in Spain or forestry in Austria. Links to databases at the national level mean that all options are accessible with ease. The section on Education Systems will focus on providing detailed information about the national education and training systems at all levels from primary right through to post-graduate as well as further education and training. Once again, information will be available from the national websites, meaning that the information will be well up to date and comprehensive. Exchange, as the title indicates, provides the necessary information to partake in European exchange programmes, giving students the opportunity to study abroad for a fixed amount of time during the course of their studies. Contact details for various guidance centres throughout Europe, where you can speak directly to experts are provided in the Contact section. Aside from information about the opportunities available in the various countries, the Moving to a Country section provides important practical information a possible new destination. It includes hints about finding accommodation, details about the legal framework for studying and working as well as basics such as the cost of living and tax and social security issues. You can visit the PLOTEUS portal at

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