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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New results of URBACT projects

Town planning, Public Management, Local development,Local and Regional authorities,Corporations,Administrations States,SMEs,

News After three years of work, 20 URBACT projects were completed in July 2011 to implement the European urban policy.

These projects have brought to light solutions that have proven effective and providing valuable support for policy makers and practitioners involved in tackling these challenges. Each project has or will publish in the coming weeks its final publications and recommendations. Here is a look at the results, recommendations and outputs of two new projects! LC-FACIL - facilitate the implementation of integrated sustainable urban development according to the Leipzig Charter In May 2007, the Member States of the European Union adopted the Leipzig Charter and thus made a major political commitment in favour of the "sustainable European city". The Leipzig Charter aims to support an integrated approach to urban development through a focus on deprived neighbourhoods. In order to implement this charter in with real actions, in November 2008, the Member States decided to develop a Reference Framework for Sustainable European Cities. This project, proposed under the French presidency of the European Union Council, saw to the formation of working groups composed of representatives from Member States, European institutions and European networks of local authorities (MS/I group). Their goal is to develop a panel of tools to help local authorities and decision-makers to make strategic decisions. In order to ensure a correlation between these tools and local needs, it was also decided that a working group be formed composed of cities that could test in-field implementation of sustainable and integrated urban development that takes into account local, regional, national and European points of view. This is how the URBACT LC-FACIL project saw the day in September 2009. RegGov - Regional governance of sustainable, integrated development of deprived urban areas Integrated policies in the oldest European Union Member States have proven effective for the development of deprived urban areas. Yet, good practices and their development, implementation and funding are still rarely known at a wider European level. Crucial factors for success of such policies include cooperation and building a relationship of trust between cities and their Managing Authorities. For three years, the URBACT RegGov project enabled nine cities to put these ideas into practice to develop new integrated strategies for sustainable urban development at a neighbourhood level. The project made 10 recommendations to implement effective multi-level governance for the integrated development of deprived neighbourhoods.

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