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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nuclear stress tests in EU and nuclear safety in neighbouring countries

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News The nuclear stress tests on all the EU's 143 nuclear reactors, due to start this month, together with the issue of nuclear safety in the EU's neighbouring countries, will be the subject of a debate with the Commission on Thursday morning.

The Commission has announced that stress tests on all EU reactors will start on 1 June. The tests will be done in three steps. The first ("pre-assessment") will be done by the operators themselves, the second step will be organised by national authorities and the third step will include multinational "peer reviews" by Commission and Member States representatives. The organisation of the tests, the selection criteria and the hazards to be tested are likely to be key issues in the debate. The Commission also plans to hold talks with the EU's neighbours on the state of their nuclear installations.

Source :  Press room - European Parliament

More information  Press room - European Parliament




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