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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beginning of the EU funded Mediterranean Solar Plan Project Preparation Initiative

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News The MSP-PPI aims at implementing projects dealing with renewable energy, energy efficiency and electricity transmission, and at facilitating their funding, in the Mediterranean partner countries.

This is an initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB), and is financed by the EU-funded Neighbourhood Investment Facility which is managed by the European Commission.

The MSP-PPI will help the implementation and financing of projects designed to fulfill the Mediterranean Solar Plan. Areas addressed include renewable energy, energy efficiency as well as grid connection.

A major barrier to implementation of sustainable energy projects will be removed by the MSP-PPI covering project preparation costs. Investments made as part of this initiative may also be eligible for funding from the participating financiers.

This important initiative will seek to accelerate renewable energy production and energy efficiency to help meet growing demand. Mediterranean countries know the region has huge potential in this area and action is being intensified through the Mediterranean Solar Plan. 



Source :  European Investment Bank (EIB) - Article

More information  Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership




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