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Friday, September 23, 2011

On the agenda of the next plenary session of European Parliament: the euro area, foreign policy and sustainable development.

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News MEPs will meet in plenary for the second time in September. Here are the main themes they will address:

Less horse trading, more transparency for future economic governance Parliament will vote on the economic governance "six-pack", which aims to prevent Eurozone members from simply ignoring Commission warnings to correct their budgetary policies and make them tackle economic imbalances more promptly. The package would greatly enhance overall transparency and accountability, and should also improve the quality and accuracy of statistics, by ensuring that they are gathered independently. MEPs to debate Palestine's bid for statehood at the UN Parliament votes Thursday on a resolution on developments in Palestine. On Tuesday afternoon, MEPs will debate UN General Assembly work, inter alia on the Middle East peace process and developments in North Africa, with EU foreign policy High Representative Catherine Ashton. Boosting trade with the Palestinian Authority Parliament votes Tuesday on a trade agreement that aims to boost the Palestinian economy, and help build the Palestinian state, by enabling the Palestinian Territories to export farm and fisheries products to the EU directly, rather than via Israel, from early 2012. Barroso to give State of the Union address in Parliament President José Manuel Barroso will set out the European Commission's strategic priorities in his annual State of the Union address to Parliament on Wednesday. There will then be a debate in which MEPs set out their thoughts on and requests for the future work of the Union. The Commission will approve its work programme for 2012 in October. Plenary to debate Eurozone issues with Jean-Claude Juncker MEPs will press Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker for his thoughts on the Eurozone's most pressing problems, and their long-run solutions, in a plenary debate on Tuesday at 15.00h. Tougher times ahead for Commissioners To make Commissioners' question time more dynamic, MEPs will no longer table their questions in advance. From now on, three or more Commissioners will answer questions on a specific topic for a full 90 minutes. The topic for Tuesday, 27 September is "EU trade and third country relations", with Commissioners De Gucht, Füle, Georgieva, and Piebalgs. Rio+20 sustainable development targets The EU should push for a global renewable energy target and other "accountable" sustainable development goals at next year's UN Rio+20 summit, says a draft resolution to be put to a vote on Thursday. Future of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund MEPs vote Thursday on an Employment and Social Affairs Committee resolution proposing that the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) should have a specific budget line, to enable it to provide aid faster to sacked workers. Other items on the agenda - MEPs to call for action to halve road accident deaths - Call to help resettle Libya-Tunisia border refugees - Sexual orientation and gender identity (UN Human Rights Council) - Tourism: MEPs to call for "Europe brand" strategy - Cutback threat to free food scheme for the needy - More money to manage migration and refugee flows - MEPs to vote EGF aid for sacked workers in Germany, Denmark, and Portugal - Improving EU-Taiwan trade relations - Tackling hunger in developing countries

Source :  European Parliament - Press Release

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