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Friday, April 20, 2012

Post 2013 Europe Creative and Horizon 2020 programmes to be discussed at the Committee of the Regions

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News The Committee of the Regions (CoR) commission for Education, Youth, Culture and Research (EDUC) will discuss and vote on the two future programmes respectively in the field of cultural creative sectors, and in the field of research and innovation. The meeting is to be held in Brussels on Monday April 23rd.

Two draft opinions on the new "Creative Europe" programme dedicated to the cultural and creative sectors (Rapporteur Gábor Bihary (HU/PES)) and the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – "Horizon 2020" (Rapporteur: Markku Markkula (FI/EPP)) will be discussed and voted upon.

The "Creative Europe' programme aims at helping the cultural and creative sectors to seize the opportunities offered by the "digital age" and globalisation. In his draft opinion, Mr Bihary points out that creative and cultural industries are often small and medium-sized businesses which require initiative and organization at a local level. This feature of localisation is in his views a positive aspect for regions as it boosts local economies and contributes to retain talents and the corresponding jobs at local level. He therefore calls on the Council and the European Parliament to more strongly emphasise the key role of local and regional authorities in promoting culture and artistic innovation, as well as to enhance the participation of regions and cities in the Programme

The proposed new EU Framework programme for Research and Innovation, "Horizon 2020", is the financial instrument implementing the Europe 2020 flagship initiative "Innovation Union" aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. The CoR draft opinion suggests recommendations to increase the regional impact of EU research, development and innovation activities. It also stresses the need for local and regional level to be challenged for active participation to reach the Europe 2020 Strategy targets and calls for regions and cities to include research, development and innovation as an essential part of their core policy agenda.

EDUC members will also exchange views on a working document prepared by Ursula Männle (DE/EPP) on the comprehensive reform of the EU's 1995 data protection rules to strengthen online privacy rights and boost Europe's digital economy. The revision of the legislative framework regulating the use of information held by public sector bodies will also be discussed on the basis of a working document to be presented by Anne Karjalainen (FI/PES).

The meeting will take place at CoR headquarters in Brussels on Monday 23 April, starting at 11.00. 

Source :  Committee of the Regions - Article

More information  Meeting agenda




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