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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Preventing drug abuse in Montenegro


News EU funded project of 100 000 euro will train a network of young volunteers to explain the risks of drug abuse to their peers.

One day ahead of World AIDS Day, the Montenegrin Association Against Aids (CAZAS), a local NGO, announced yesterday that it was stepping up an EU-funded campaign to help prevent drug addiction and abuse among young people. The €100,000 project, funded by the EU and managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction, will train a network of young volunteers to inform their classmates of the dangers of drug addiction. The campaign will involve 45 secondary schools and more than 30,000 students and their parents. Speaking at the press conference to launch the second phase of the project, Dr Dragan Lausevic, an epidemiologist with the Institute of Public Health, announced that the campaign had already produced a handbook for physiologists, a guide for parents and manuals for young trainers. Some 80 physiologists, psychologists and teachers have attended seminars to learn more about the campaign and attended a ‘train-the-trainer’ workshop. Psychologists and teachers have organised meetings with parents to discuss drug abuse and hand out the parents’ guide. Under the next phase of the project, participating youth will be trained by adult trainers in reaching their peers at secondary schools and explaining the social and health risks of drug abuse. In 2005, the European Agency for Reconstruction has provided €600,000 in EU funds to Montenegrin NGOs to support social, economic and environmental projects.

Source :  European Agency for Reconstruction




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