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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Priority given to research and jobs for the budget 2014

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News European Parliament reversed the Council's proposed cuts in research and employment expenditure in 2014 in a plenary vote in Strasbourg.

MEPs also reversed cuts in funding for international policy, such as humanitarian aid to the Middle East and Syrian refugees and added funds for the external border control agency Frontex.

Parliament's position was approved with 480 votes in favour, 119 against and 86 abstentions.

Parliament proposes a 2014 budget of €142.6 billion in commitments and €136.1 billion in payments. These amounts are down on this year's budget by €8.1 billion (commitments) and €4.3 billion (payments). The Council had previously reduced the Commission's budget proposal by €240 million in commitments and €1.06 billion in payments, to €141.8 billion and €134.8 billion respectively. 

Don't touch areas vital for economic recovery, MEPs say

In areas that MEPs believe are vital to boost the economy, such as the digital agenda, research, entrepreneurship and (youth) employment measures, Parliament followed the Budgets Committee's recommendations to reverse the €629 million payment cuts proposed by the Council in July and to top up the budget with an extra €34 million. 


For aid to the Middle East and refugees, MEPs voted to reinstate the €250 million which the Commission included in the draft budget and to top up this amount with an additional €50 million. They also voted to add funds for humanitarian aid, especially in view of the situation in Syria.

Next steps

Following the plenary vote, Parliament and Council have a 21-day "conciliation" period in which to strike an agreement. If conciliation produces an agreement, it will be put to a final vote at the November session.

Meanwhile Parliament is waiting for the Council to approve amending budget N° 8 (€3.9 billion). This amount is needed to cover this year's budgetary shortfall and the Council's approval of it is a prerequisite for Parliament to give its blessing to the EU's long-run budget for 2014-2020. Another amending budget (N°.9) which should cover aid to Germany, Austria and Czech Republic to repair this year's flood damage and help Romania to cope with the aftermath of a drought, also still needs to be agreed.

Source :  Press Unit - European Parliament


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