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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The quality of work

Employment, Social Affairs,Local and Regional authorities,Corporations,Training centres,Administrations States,SMEs,

News The quality of work is a complex concept that has been studied by the Employment Committee (EMCO), a body that play a key role in implementing the European Employment Strategy.

Quality of work is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, which includes a broad set of individual jobs' and workers’ characteristics, ranging from wages, training, health and safety at work, to work organisation, reconciliation between work and family life, etc. While the individual issues can differ significantly from country to country, Member States are facing similar problems in their approach of this phenomenon. In June 2010 the EMCO Ad Hoc Group examined and exchange experiences with labour market policies to promote quality of work, focussing in particular on crisis measures. The report now published explores how the economic and financial crisis has shifted the attention from quality of jobs to sustaining the employment levels. It looks at the prerequisites to the quality of work, the impact of issues such as lifelong learning, productivity rates, health and safety, reconciliation between work and family life, gender issues etc. One of the interesting outcomes of the Review is that EMCO Ad Hoc Group assessed the current policy concept of Quality of Work as too complex to be monitored and is fully committed to further reflect and work on a new, more focused job quality approach.

Source :  European Commission - DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

More information  European Commission - DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion




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