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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Regions delivering innovation

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News A Staff Working Document 'Regions Delivering Innovation through Cohesion Policy' has been finalised for the Informal meeting of regional policy ministers in the Azores on 23-24 November providing an analysis of how innovation as a central feature in the 2007-2013 cohesion policy programmes has increased.

Innovation is defined as encompassing four groups of spending categories - RTDI, entrepreneurship, innovative ICT and human resources. The pioneering role over years of Cohesion Policy in relation to supporting innovation within the EU is stressed. The analysis – also broken down by country - shows that the planned EU investment for innovation in 2007-2013 will be above EUR 85 billion - a sum equivalent to 25% of the total new envelope for the 27 Member States. This value is more than 3 times higher than in 2000-2006. The paper concludes that the positive results of the programming phase require the commitment of all partners for successful delivery.

Source :  Regions Delivering Innovation through Cohesion Policy

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