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Friday, November 23, 2007

Romanian's go to polls on Sunday to elect 35 MEPs

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News One of the newest members of the EU goes to the polls on Sunday to elect Members of the European Parliament for the first time. Over 18 million Romanian's can vote in an election that has focused on living standards and the extent to which Romanians can move freely around the Union.

The 35 MEPs elected will hold office until EP elections in mid-2009. They will replace the sitting Romanian MEPs who were nominated by the national parliament for the first months of EU membership. The electorate can choose from among 13 parties or the single independent candidate on the list. Candidates must be 23 to stand and Romanians, and citizens from other EU countries with their main residence in Romania who may also take part in the election, must be 18 to vote. Candidates will be elected via proportional representation. Official results are not expected until Wednesday. When they joined the EU in January this year the Treaty of Accession stipulated that both Romania and Bulgaria must hold elections to the European Parliament in 2007. Bulgaria elected its 18 MEPs on 20 May this year. The elections on Sunday will coincide with a referendum on election reform for national elections in Romania.Dimanche, les Roumains élisent leurs députés européens pour la première fois

Source :  Press Room - European Parliament

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