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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

SafeBorders: The awareness campaign for a safer Internet

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News SAFER INTERNET is an awareness campaign to be launched on 8 May, 2003. It is promoted under the SafeBorders project, which is partly funded by the European Commission, under the Safer Internet Action Plan. (eSafe)

The mission of the campaign is to enable children and young people to benefit from the Internet through a culture of responsibility. The campaign aims through its vision to become an enhanced European network promoting safer use of the Internet. This will be achieved by addressing existing and future technological challenges, to empower children and young people in a safer Information Society. The SAFER INTERNET awareness campaign believes that the answer to these possible risks includes education and prevention. The awareness campaign also believes that: - Awareness must be raised in the most positive way in order to promote the use of technology - The main objective is to empower end-users by giving them the necessary information to allow them to take responsible decisions - Clear messages, with imaginative communication strategies, are needed in order to promote the direct involvement of the target audiences - Partnerships among different sectors and stakeholders, nationally and internationally, are needed. This work is being performed at national level - through focal points with strong national partnerships - and at European level, addressing various target groups : not only educational institutions, parents, social workers, librarians, consumer associations and children, but also industry, government and the media. The campaign will dynamically contribute to the balanced education and awareness of these target groups, taking cultural and linguistic diversity into account, establishing a cohesive European network in the participating countries and in other countries of the European Union and beyond. Partnerships within the campaign cover a wide range of the European geographical area, namely Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as bringing a wealth of experience to the project in the matter of Internet safety for young people. The SAFER INTERNET campaign is working not only towards creating tools that will offer advice, but also in raising awareness to empower and educate people towards a safer Information Society. The highlight of the campaign will be the Internet Safety Day on 6 February, 2004.

Source :  Safeborders project




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